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Now Available Dr. Meux Autobiography
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Oct 24th, 2014 Wine Tasting
The Wine Tasting events have become a huge success this summer at the Meux Home and will continue once a month into the fall.
The next one is on October the 24th from 5:00 to 8:00 PM.  It will be sponsored by the Grocery Outlet who has many varieties of wines to offer in a range of prices, plus light refreshments.  Your $10.00 ticket may be purchased at the gate.
Nov 7th, 2014 Wine Tasting
On November 7th, there will be a Wine Tasting, as well as an Art Show Event.  Again, light refreshments will be served.  So, mark your calendars and we'll look forward to seeing you there.
Watch for upcoming Wine Tasting events!
December Christmas is coming!
Our Christmas 'Tea- luncheon' will be held on Dec. 6, 2014. Watch for details to follow.  For more information, call Corinne at 559-291-4520.
Dec 13th, 2014 Private Function
The Meux Home Museum will be closed for a private afternoon function.  Please schedule your visit for another day.  We appologize for the inconvenience.
*The museum features a variety of displays which change with the seasons and the holidays.*

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